Our Vision

Evolve EOS into a Blockchain network that profoundly changes our life in a better way. We strive to decentralize everything as our destination!

Our Positioning

As the most effective community with well-known credibility, we are willing to connect and promote sharing between overseas and Chinese EOS communities. We are happy to lead the majority of domestic token holders to participate in global EOS community growth.

Our Roles

EOS Cannon will be a stable block producer to serve the community. Futher, we plan to be an active EOS ecosystem contributor and project incubator. We are more than just an EOS community, we will be an important EOS partner in China.

Meet the Team



EOS Believer and value investor, founder of EOS Cannon.

Ricky Shi


EOS Contributor, full Stack Engineer, founder of byStake

Franco Chen


Larry Ma

Biz Dev

Internet Veteran, EOS Apprentice, Entrepreneur and Technology Evangelist

Tao Wang




Bean Peng

Tech Leader