As the most effective community with well-known credibility, we are willing to connect and promote sharing between overseas and Chinese EOS communities. We are happy to lead the majority of domestic token holders to participate in global EOS community growth.

Birth Background

In September 2017, EOS Cannon was born in the darkness. When the policy was strict and the currency price plunged, a group of EOS believers hugged together to warm up, greeted the currency market climax at the end of 17 years, and still firmly held the currency in the bear market at the beginning of 18 years, and steadily moved forward.

Every Wechat group in Canon community scrolls thousands of messages every day. Every way EOS Dairy King, dozens of EOS ecological Canon system projects, through countless rounds of leek bears, communicate and transmit information in Canon community, build up the confidence of members, support the development of EOS, and support the growth of EOS Cannon into the largest in the world. EOS Chinese community.


EOS Cannon is a leading global EOS community, to help build EOS into ecological and cultural center to change block chain infrastructure of our way of life. We always remember to make efforts for the improvement and development of EOS ecosystem.


EOS Cannon is committed to building quality communities; building super nodes; incubating quality projects; cultivating technology ecology and linking global resources.


EOS Cannon is not only a campaign community of Block Producer, but also an important partner of EOS China. We earnestly carry out dApp project development, incubate excellent project development team, and carry out a series of EOS knowledge popularization and promotion activities. We actively maintain communication with communities at home and abroad, share EOS community dynamics with overseas communities in a timely manner, promote collaboration between domestic and foreign communities, guide EOS passport holders to participate in the rapid construction of EOS global communities, and contribute to the development and improvement of EOS communities.