Cannon TestNet

We established a EOS 3.0 testnet named Cannon Testnet.  Any members in Cannon community can connect and test their own dApps easily.

Block Producer

EOS Cannon will be a stable block producer to serve the community. Our technical team focus on High availability, Stability and Scalability of the Producer node.

Community building

Continue to spread more knowledges about EOS to public. Support projects and ecosystem construction about EOS.

Latest News

On March 17, 2018, we organized the first official meet up in Beijing. About more than 80 members attended the event.

Some of Cannon’s eco-friendly partners demonstrated their production on EOS and thinking at this fields. Van,  as the founder of Cannon,  shared the history of Cannon’s birth. In September last year, when the price of EOS fell to the bottom, he united a group of like-minded people to get together to warm up. He also looked forward to Cannon’s vision of serving the EOS ecosystem in the future.

At the same time, Tao Wang, CL, Goh from MeetOne, BigFish from DragonEx, Peter from Chaince, Harvey from OracleChain, Ricky from ByStake shared a lot of solid knowledges about EOS.

Afterwards everyone enjoyed a pleasant dinner. We made an appointment, will meet again shortly in another city. We will go on our trip meeting with  other members of EOS Cannon community all around of China.